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How to Sell Your Cape Coral Home for Top Dollar

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6 Winning Negotiation Strategies to Sell Your Cape Coral Home for Top Dollar

If you’re interested in selling your home, you know that getting top dollar is a high priority. To sell your Cape Coral home for top dollar, you need these 6 winning negotiation strategies and the help of an expert realtor who can put these strategies into action. 

1. Know Your Bottom Line

Before negotiations begin, it’s helpful to know what your bottom line is. This will provide you with a reference point to gauge offers. It will also help you to establish what offers are too low for you to accept.

One way to establish your bottom line is to have a home evaluation done. This will let you know how much your home is worth so you can evaluate any offers that come your way.

2. Never Negotiate Your List Price With a Counter Offer Based on Fear

You should be prepared as a home seller to receive offers that are below your asking price. Most potential homebuyers expect a counter offer and at least some back and forth negotiation. Others, however, will submit an offer that is below asking price because it is all they can afford.

One mistake home sellers make with their counter offers is to counter with an offer that is higher than the original offer but less than their asking price. While this will often lead to the home being sold, it is not an effective strategy to sell for top dollar. This is where having an expert realtor negotiate for you is an asset.

3. Rejecting the Offer and Aggressive Negotiating

You may want to stand firm on your asking price. If so, be prepared to walk away – this shows that you are serious about getting top dollar for your Cape Coral home. 

4. Ask for What You Want

If you aren’t sure what amount to ask for, start high and then negotiate down. The goal is to get the best possible price for your home – don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

5. Be Reasonable

While it’s important to “stick to your guns” during negotiations, it will also behoove you to consider any fair offer even if it’s not your asking price when you want to sell your home for top dollar.

6. Get Everything in Writing

Finally, one of the most important things you can do when negotiating to sell your Cape Coral home for top dollar is to get everything in writing. This will help protect you if the potential homebuyer backs out of the deal later.

With these negotiation strategies in mind you are much more likely to sell your Cape Coral home for top dollar.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Vasbinder International Can Sell Your Cape Coral Home

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