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Guide to Getting a Divorce and Selling a House

What Home Sellers Need to Know About Getting a Divorce and Selling House in Cape Cora

Getting a divorce and selling the house at the same time can be incredibly stressful. Deciding what to do with the house can be emotional. It’s important to try to keep your emotions in check and look at the facts when deciding whether to sell a house. 

There are 4 options when you sell a house during a divorce:

  1. Sell the house now and divide the proceeds
  2. Buy out your spouse
  3. Have your spouse buy you out
  4. Retain joint ownership

1. Sell the House Now and Divide the Proceeds

When you decide to sell the house now and divide the proceeds you’ll want to make sure that your home sells fast and for top dollar.

As you divide the proceeds, it’s important to remember that your portion may not be an even 50/50 split. The amount of proceeds you will receive depends on the laws in your area and your divorce settlement.

Doing a bit a research to understand your options will help. You can also speak to legal and real estate experts for additional guidance.

2. Buy Out Your Spouse

If you want your spouse to buy you out, you’ll need to figure out if you can afford the monthly payments. You will also need to refinance your home if the mortgage was taken out jointly.

3. Have Your Spouse Buy You Out

If your spouse buys you out, you are able to move forward and purchase a new home with cash in hand. However, if your loan is not refinanced, you could still be on the hook for the mortgage even if you no longer live there. Refinancing is a must as it will make it easier for you to obtain a new mortgage.

4. Retain Joint Ownership 

Another option is to retain joint ownership of the home. This allows you to postpone making a decision temporarily. While this situation may be ideal for some couples, there are also important tax considerations.

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