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Guide on How to Pass a Home Inspection

Pass Your Home Inspection With These Tips

One of the most important aspects of selling a house is home inspection. Thus, learning how to pass a home inspection is vital to making sure your home sale goes smoothly. 

The key to passing your home inspection is identifying problems early on and fixing them prior to the inspection.

The following tips will help you make sure your home is in top shape:

  1. Banish wet or damp areas
  2. Check your house from roof to foundation
  3. Make sure your systems are functioning properly

1. Banish Wet or Damp Areas

Wet or damp areas are a telltale sign of bigger issues. Whether it’s a problem with your plumbing or a leaky exterior, it can cause mold, mildew, and further damage if left unchecked. The home inspector will carefully check throughout your house to make sure there aren’t any wet or damp areas. 

In addition to the home inspection, potential home buyers will often see signs of moisture as a deal-breaker.

2. Check Your House From Roof to Foundation

A problematic roof or cracks in your foundation can cause you to fail your home inspection. Even small cracks in the foundation could signal bigger problems. A visual inspection should uncover these issues and give you a chance to fix them before the inspection.

Both roofing and foundation problems are big warning signs to potential homebuyers.

3. Make Sure Your Systems are Functioning Properly

A home inspector will check to make sure the major systems in your house are functioning properly. This includes your heating and cooling systems as well as your electrical system. A faulty electrical system is a serious danger that can cause you to fail an inspection.

One area that homeowners often overlook is the heating and cooling system. The typical life of a furnace is 15 – 25 years and can cost up to $8,000 to replace. If your furnace is close to the 15-year mark, the inspector may suggest replacing it. 

Homebuyers who understand HVAC systems may be wary of buying a house if the furnace needs to be replaced, as it is a big cost.

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