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Stop Renting! You Can Buy a Home in Cape Coral, Here’s How

Renting year after year costs money you could be putting into buying a home in Cape Coral

Imagine if you were finally able to stop renting and buy a home in Cape Coral. No more dealing with landlords, no more restrictions on what you can do with your living space. No more loud neighbors or maintenance issues.

If you’ve been wanting to buy your own home but feel like it’s just too difficult, don’t give up. Renting in an area like Cape Coral can be almost as difficult as buying, but you’re missing out on equity!

Areas of Florida like Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples are growing. Homes have appreciated 131.4% in the last ten years. And that appreciation is increasing. Plus, only 1.3% of houses and apartments in Cape Coral are available to rent.

You want to own your own home so you can stop fighting to find acceptable rental housing and pay money to a landlord who enjoys letting you pay the mortgage.

Is now the time to buy a home in Cape Coral?

If you thought of buying a couple of years ago, you’re probably kicking yourself now because of how much markets can go up in just a matter of months. Don’t wait long to get your own home.

Timing the market is something that people often talk about but no one can actually do because no one can see the future. What you can see, though, is how your quality of life increases, and your peace of mind returns when you stop renting.

Don’t ask whether now is the time to buy, ask yourself if you really want to keep throwing money into the bottomless pit of renting.

Find out how to finally stop renting and own your home

There are good real estate agents in Cape Coral and across Florida who love getting renters into homes of their own. And Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Vasbinder International is working to help you reach your home buying goals.

A free special report called, “How To Stop Paying Rent and Own Your Own Home” will give you valuable information answering questions like:

  • How much do you really need to pay down?
  • Are there ways to get lender help?
  • What is seller financing?
  • Is it possible to buy with bad credit?

Buying a home in Cape Coral doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. You, like many other proud homeowners, can make it happen. Get your free report and begin planning your future!

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