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Don’t Take a Blind Shot, Find the Best Realtor in Cape Coral

Don’t Take a Blind Shot, Find the Best Realtor in Cape Coral

Picking a Realtor Shouldn’t Be Arbitrary, Use Clear Criteria

Would you throw a dart to randomly decide who should have passwords to your bank account? Not likely! So, when you sell a house, why wouldn’t you make sure to choose the best realtor in Cape Coral, Florida?

The sad truth is that most people play what the industry calls “blind archery” when they hire a realtor. This is nearly the same as randomly giving away the password to your bank account!

Think about it – your home is probably one of the largest assets you own (if not the largest). It wouldn’t be surprising if your home is worth more money than you have in your bank account.

If you don’t carefully select the best realtor in Cape Coral, you’re entrusting all that money to a stranger.

Most people hire one of the first few realtors they consider. After all, it can be difficult to know how to determine who’s the best.

Here are the 3 biggest mistakes homeowners make when they interview real estate agents. 

1. Choosing a Realtor Based on How They Feel When Talking With Them

When you have hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, you want to make sure that you choose the best realtor in Cape Coral.

Most people “trust their gut,” or respond to what they feel when they talk to agents. But this can be dangerous. 

Never choose a real estate agent because:

  • They were kind to you
  • You liked their style or how they presented themselves
  • You felt flattered or they told you what you wanted to hear
  • They made you feel good

Remember that feelings don’t always reflect facts. And for some slick sales agents, making you confident in them is all they have to rely on. Especially if their track record is poor. 

2. Not Making a List of Criteria to Find the Best Realtor in Cape Coral

It’s impossible to choose a good realtor if you don’t know what you are looking for. How can they meet your needs if you don’t even know what they are?

Make a list of important selection criteria before hiring a realtor. If you don’t, you might as well spin a wheel and hire whoever it lands on.

Write down the five most important things you are looking for in the agent you will hire. If you’re not sure what kinds of things to prioritize, get this free realtor selection guide. It includes a list of 9 different selection factors to consider. This makes it easy to decide which ones are most important to you.

3. Taking an Agent’s Word Over Their Proven Track Record

If you fail to investigate the realtor’s track record, you could miss important flags about their performance.

The biggest thing that should matter when you choose a realtor is their demonstrated success in the industry. 

An excellent track record will include:

  • Selling more homes than other agents
  • Getting better closing prices than other agents
  • Having a team instead of flying solo
  • Showing lots of 5 star reviews

As you research, find out how long an realtors’ homes sit on the market. If they have high “days on market” or consistently sell for under market prices, don’t hire them.

If you want to sell your house fast and for top dollar, you need the best realtor in Cape Coral.

Watch out for under-performing agents, those who are worn out, or realtors that just want to make numbers.

Suzanne Vasbinder is the Best Realtor in Cape Coral, Fl

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Vasbinder International is transparent about our performance. Our team has an excellent track record in the local market. And we’ll never make grand promises we can’t keep.

In fact, we arm you with an exclusive list of home sellers’ guarantees that will protect you. If our expert realtors fail to deliver on our promises, you’re covered. 

To learn more about our team’s success and why Suzanne’s team is the best realtor in Colorado Springs, check out our reviews and call us at 239-990-8290.

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