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4 Beliefs Will Get You the Wrong Realtor to Sell a Home in Cape Coral

Don’t lose thousands when you sell a home in Cape Coral because you chose the wrong realtor

When I talk to people who hope to sell a home in Cape Coral, I often find out there are misconceptions about how to choose the best realtor. Let’s take a look at these reasons so you don’t choose the wrong realtor for this major decision.

Here are 4 common beliefs that will place you with the wrong realtors in Cape Coral…

  1. “They’ll get the highest price above market value.”
  2. “I’ll make more profit because they discounted their commission.”
  3. “If I choose the nicest person, they’ll do the best job.”
  4. “They work alone, which means they’re not passing me off to others.” 

Let me explain why selecting your realtor based on these criteria can cost thousands of dollars.

What can happen if you choose the wrong realtor for these reasons?

  1. Fewer buyers

Everyone promises to get you a higher price than anyone else. They may even quote you a specific number above market for recently sold homes in Cape Coral. 

The truth is, a home priced too high will sit on the market longer. That will cause price reductions which could ultimately result in a sale below market value.

  1. LESS profit

If your realtor promises to reduce their commission so you can pocket more profits, beware. Cutting corners in one area often means cutting corners in others.

When your agent is willing to cut commission, they’re less dedicated to finding homebuyers. The sale price can be so reduced that it offsets any savings you made on commission costs.

  1. They can’t drive a tough negotiation

Nice people are great. Effective people are effective. Ask yourself whether the nicest person is usually the best business person. It’s smarter to look for someone with expertise.

Certainly, nice AND effective is the best combo. But having a strong business sense is more important than being pleasant.

  1. Your agent is worn thin

Just because a realtor works by themselves doesn’t mean they work harder or will give you more personal attention. Making a home sale requires a lot of work and coordination – one person can hardly do it all.

Someone with a team more effectively gets things done and can focus attention on your needs.

Why Suzanne Vasbinder’s team provides you with top-notch performance when you sell a home in Cape Coral

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Vasbinder International, my team has the deep knowledge and expertise to help you sell a home in Cape Coral fast and for top dollar.

Not only will we get you a great price, we won’t cut corners and we’ll get your listing in front of the best homebuyers. Plus, we’re nice on top of being effective!

Don’t sacrifice unnecessary dollars when you sell your house. Call Suzanne’s team at 239-990-8290 and talk with us about your home. Come by our office here or fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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